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  • Cá Hồi Nauy Tươi Nguyên Con 6-7 Fresh Salmon whole round 6-7

    380.000 VND/Kg

    Product code: NFF0102

  • Cá Hồi Nauy Tuơi Nguyên Con 5-6 Fresh Salmon wholeround 5-6

    360.000 VND/Kg

    Product code: NFF0101

  • Cá Hồi Chi Lê Đông Không Đầu Chile Salmon

    280.000 VND/Kg

    Product code: NFF0122

  • Cá Hồi Nauy Fillet Tươi Nguyên Miếng Fresh Nauy Salmon fillet

    650.000 VND/Kg

    Product code: NFF0103

  • Cá Hồi Nauy Tươi Cắt Lát Fresh Nauy Salmon steak

    109.000 VND/200gram

    Product code: NFF0108

  • Cá Hồi Nauy Tươi Sashimi Fresh Nauy Salmon sashimi

    79.000 VND/100gram

    Product code: NFF0112

  • Cá Hồi Nauy Cắt Khối Nauy Salmon cube

    109.000 VND/200gram

    Product code: NFF0108

  • Cá Hồi Fillet Đông Lạnh Salmon Fillet

    380.000 VND/Kg

    Product code: NFF0123

  • Cá Hồi Fillet Đông Lạnh 1Kg Salmon Fillet

    450.000 VND/Kg

    Product code: NFF0111

  • Cá Hồi Nauy Fillet Đông Lạnh 200Gr Nauy Salmon Fillet

    109.000 VND/200gram

    Product code: NFF0110

  • Cá Hồi Nauy Cắt Khoanh Nauy Salmon steak

    380.000 VND/Kg

    Product code: NFF0115

  • Cá Hồi Nauy Xông Khói Nguyên Miếng Smoked salmon

    650.000 VND/Kg

    Product code: NFF0105

  • Cá Hồi Nauy Xông Khói 500Gr Smoked salmon 500gr

    350.000 VND/500gram

    Product code: NFF0106

  • Cá Hồi Nauy Xông Khói 100Gram Smoked salmon 100gram

    80.000 VND/100gram

    Product code: NFF0107

  • Trứng Cá Hồi Nauy Nauy Salmon egg

    2.100.000 VND/Kg

    Product code: NFF0113

  • Trứng Cá Hồi Nauy 120Gr Nauy Salmon egg

    320.000 VND/120gram

    Product code: NFF0114

  • Lườn Cá Hồi Nauy 5+ salmon belly

    230.000 VND/Kg

    Product code: NFF0127

  • Lườn Cá Hồi Nauy 3+ Nauy Salmon belly 3+

    220.000 VND/Kg

    Product code: NFF0126

  • Lườn Cá Hồi Nauy 1- 3 Nauy Salmon Belly

    90.000 VND/Kg

    Product code: NFF0119

  • Vây Cá Hồi Nauy Nauy Salmon Fin

    90.000 VND/Kg

    Product code: NFF0120

  • Norwegian salmon

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